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Excellent resistant to weather and shatter, Acrylic is used for the manufacturing of various products ranging from nails, display fixtures, advertising sign models, airplane canopies, toys, fittings, safety shields and many other useful items. When it comes to the fitting part of the home or office, there are many options of metal, ceramic and plastic fittings. But none of them provide as much versatile mechanical properties as the Acrylic Fittings offer. From tubing, pipe, display stand and shop fittings to bathroom fittings, the Acrylic Fittings are ideal to find their place in the interior as well as external applications. Versatile and easy to install, the Acrylic Fittings are perfect to make a great addition to the systems. The Acrylic Fittings should be chosen with case as these plays a vital role in the functioning or positioning of systems. Easy and affordable in comparison with fittings of other materials, the Acrylic Fittings require no further hardware for their installations. Since, there are a variety of application areas of the Acrylic Fitting, therefore these are offered always in numerous shapes, sizes and finishes. These fittings have earned wide customer satisfaction and code acceptance due to their excellent corrosion resistance, durable, long-lasting and maintenance-free characteristics. Furthermore, these Acrylic Fittings provide some level of flexibility that provide these fittings an optimal level of crack resistance.


  • Strong, durable and longer service life
  • Available in ranges of designs, colors and finishes
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lightweight and low profile

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