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Madhubani paintings

Madhubani paintings

Madhubani paintings are World famous style of Indian paintings. The madhubani painting have its origin in the Mithila region of Bihar. These paintings are mostly famous for the vibrate and bold use of colors. Mostly mabhubani painting have no empty space on them. The use of geometrical designs are another famous identification of madhubani paintings. Initially, the madhubani paintings were done on the freshly developed mud hut walls but now you can get madhubani paintings on fabrics, paper, canvas, etc. Madhubani printings offer a very appealing visual effects. These printings are quite rough in designing but the effective use colors make them look rich. Mabhubani painting often depict the images of Hindu gods and goddess or viewof any social gathering, festival or meeting etc.

The three main styles of Madhubani paintings are :Brahmin, Tatoo and Kshatriya style. In Brahmin style of Madhubani printings, vibrate, bright and rich shades of colors are being used. In the case of Tatoo style, a similar art or design is used repeatedly on a linear format to give a unique impact. The Kshatriya style of Madhubani painting are either mono colored or employe the use of two colors.

  • Very attractive, unique and rough designing
  • Vibrate and rich uses of color
  • Famous for geometrical designs
  • Available on canvas, handmade papers and fabrics
  • Great decorative importance and cultural value
  • Use of naturally extracted colors and materials

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