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Wood Carved Boxes

 Wood Carved Boxes

Wood is a long lastly material and use for making a number of products. Wood carved boxes are very famous because of their unique texture and looks. Wood Carved Boxes are used of various purposes. These boxes can be used for keeping money, cosmetics, playing cards, chess boards, jewelry and a number of other items. Wood carved boxes are available in a range of sizes from very small to very big. The design of each of these boxes are unique and different from each other. Most of the wood carved boxes are hand made. The color of a wooden carved box depends upon the type of the wood used and also wooden polishes and artificial colors are being used to future manipulate the color of the box. Brass borders or cutting are often use to increase the visual beauty of a wood carved box. The box particularly designed for keeping jewelry often have a velvet fabric attached in the internal part of the box to prevent jewelry from any scratches or damages. These boxes look very classy and attractive. Wood carved boxes can be used as unique gift boxes in which you can pack a gift item and present in to anyone.

Product Highlights:

  • Multipurpose boxes
  • Mostly hand made, known for unique designs
  • Used for keeping money, jewelry or a number of items
  • Look classy and antique

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