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Hookahs are the traditional way of smoking. Hookahs are simple in structure but bigger in size as compare to other smoking alternatives. A hookah works on a system of indirect heating and water filtration. These hookahs can be used in smoking tobaccos or other favors. Now a day a number of hookah shisha and moasell are available in market, so one can make the decision according to the taste and preference. Modern hookahs usually have a glass base pot, with a stainless steel down tube connected to the bowl, which holds the tobacco or flavor and a hose. Hookahs are available in various styles, pattens and designs. These smoking accessories are also being used as showpieces in various places. Some of the types of hookahs on the basis of the material used are Glass hookahs, Acrylic hookahs and brass hookahs. Hookahs require proper cleaning and maintenance for longer usage. Some of the modern hookahs even have the work of glass paints or other ceramic sculptures on them. Traditional hookahs tend to be heavy and larger in size, made up of copper or brass whereas modern hookahs mostly make use of stainless steels and other lighter materials which make them easy to move and use.

Product Highlights:

  • Traditional way of smoking
  • Can be used in smoking tobacco, shisha and moasell
  • Made of glass, steel,brass, acrylic, wood and plastic fibers
  • Available in variety of designs and patterns
  • Modern hookahs look visually appealing as well

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