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Pattachita is a form of cloth painting done in India. The word Pattachitra is a sanskrit word in which 'Patta' means 'Cloth' and chitra means 'picture'. It is one of the form of Indian traditional art. Due to the huge diversification of cultures and religions, India is quite rich in traditional and cultural arts and crafts. Pattachitra is basically inspired by the Indian mythology. This art was first developed in Odisha and famous all around the World. It is an unique form of art found only in India. These cloth based painted materials are very eye pleasing. Pattachitra art materials don't cost much. There are simple and easy to transport form of Indian handicrafts. These painted materials are all hand made and prepared by the rural folks especially males. The materials required for developing pattachitra art includes all natural materials, fabrics either cotton or silk, a glue developed from tamarind seeds and colors made up of natural components. Even the canvas used for pattachitra is developed by the artists only.

  • Reflects Hindu mythology and inspired by Jagannath and Vishnava Cults
  • Unique and attractive form of Indian handicrafts
  • Developed with all natural materials including colors, glue and cloth.
  • Cloth based art, easy to transport
  • Can be framed to give a look of a painting
  • Bright colors and other shine materials are being used.

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