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Silk paintings

Silk is the most richest fabric of textile field in India. The rich look and other features possess by silk makes all its usage unique. Silk printings are being created over white silk clothes. The fabric is stretched over and then the painting process is done with the use of brushes and drys. These paintings are unique from oil, water based, acrylic and all the other types of paintings in many ways. The most specific characteristics of silk printing is that, when artist apply colors or dyes over silk fabric, the dyes straightly flows to the core of the fiber and becomes a part of silk threads. So the dye get locked into the fabric and the paintings become washable and color resistant. As the dyes flow fast and uncontrollably, many artist use dye borders or gutta or resist to restrict the flow of dry while creating a silk printing. This gutta or resist are later on removed by the artists through water or by completely washing the painting. The soft texture of the fabric is another advantage of silk printing. These printings are also more expensive as compare to other forms of Indian printings. Silk printings are a rich example of Indian handicrafts.

  • Highly washable and zero change of color loss.
  • Rich looking printings
  • Widely used in apparels and ethic wears in India including saree, suits etc.
  • Offer variety of designs

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