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Daggers are the small length weapon with sharp edges and a handle attached at the end. Daggers look similar to a designer and bigger knives. The usage of daggers can be traced back to the starting of modern age. These were used as complimentary weapons during wars. Earlier, many people use to carry daggers along with their dressing as safety weapons. Daggers are smaller then swords and have less importance and demand as compare to swords. Daggers were also available with different types of covers and cases, both metallic and leather. These daggers were mostly made up of steel, iron, glass, stones and many other materials. Daggers were used for killing and stabbing people. Now a days people keep daggers as antique showpieces and decorate their houses with these ancient weapon. Designer daggers look appealing and classy.

Product Highlights:

  • Weapon with shape edges and tip
  • Used for stabbing enemy
  • Small in size and portable
  • Available with attractive cases and covers
  • Used as antique home decoration items

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