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Barometer is an instrument or device that measures air pressure or atmospheric pressure. Barometers are mainly used for weather forecasting or to predict the climatic changes that may occur in the atmosphere. Earlier, the designs and features of barometer were very simple but with the increasing sense of science and technology both the designs and features turned smarter and easy to used. Barometer are now available in different style, shape, size, color and designs. Even the materials used for making a barometer have changed a bit. Initially simple glass tubes and mercury was used to develop a barometer but in the current scenario dials, digital elements, plastic, wood, stainless steel are the elements used to create barometers. Digital barometers show the air pressure readings digitally along with other climate measures like temperature, day types (sunny, cloudy, partially cloudy, rainy), and have various additional features inbuilt like quartz watch, LED touch and many more. Barometer are available in funking designs and attractive color and style. Wooden framed, plastic barometers, steel barometers, glass barometers look good and attractive. Digital and dial style barometers are two most largely selling styles of barometers.


  • Reads air pressure and helps in weather forecasting
  • Available in different size and shape
  • Digital barometers along with additional features
  • Available in dial, watch, pocket and many other styles
  • Technologically advance and Easy to use

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