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Gauntlets are the war gloves, wore by the soldiers during wars to protect their hands from war injuries. These were an important part of the soldier's uniform. Gauntlets are usually made up of hard and strong materials to ensure the protection of hands. Iron, steel, leather, copper , brass are some of the materials used for making gauntlets during initial periods. In the present era, different types of gauntlets are being used in different types of fields, like industries, sports, military, etc. Though these gauntlets are still in use but the designs and materials of the present day gauntlets are very different from that of the ancient one's. Gauntlets should provide safety to the fists but it should be comfortable to wear as well. Some of the older designed gauntlets and their recreations are also available in the markets and are used as the attractive home decoration items.

Product Highlights:

  • Protect the hands with any kind of injuries
  • Initially used as the part of war uniforms
  • Rubber, leather and plastic are present materials used in gauntlets
  • Recreations of earlier gauntlets are also available

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