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Cigarette Holders

Cigarette Holders

Cigarette holders are one of the most selling cigarette accessories. A cigarette holder is a slender tube which is used to hold a cigarette for smoking. These holders are being used for many centuries, though the style and types have changed a bit the basic use remained the same. The main purpose of a cigarette holder is to avoid the ugly or disgraceful stains on the fingers and to offer a sophisticated look. Apart from these, cigarette holders also help in avoiding the smell of tobacco over the hands of the smokers. Initially these holder were made up of silver, Bakelite or jade but are largely made up of plastic in the current scenarios. Bone, brass, steel, Shisham wood, whale tooth, briar, Ebonics, etc. are some of the other materials used for making cigarette holders. These holders are available in different lengths, thickness, designs and shapes. Formal cigarette holders are long and thick in shape, used vastly during by both men and women. Formal cigarette are usually black or brown in color with a touch of brass or copper. Filtered cigarette holders are another types of cigarette holders, which have a filtered attached to them. These holders are not much thin and the filters help in reducing the effects of nicotine, tar and other harmful elements without altering the taste of the cigarettes.

Products Highlights:

  • Easy to hold and use
  • Help in avoiding the ugly stains of tobacco on figures
  • Good classy and sophisticated looking
  • Filters help reducing harmful impact of smoking without changing taste
  • Available in variety of designs and materials

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