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Marble Sculptures

Marble sculptures are famous all around the World. Marble sculptures usually portraits human and animal images. The smooth texture and shiny surface of marble stone, results in the classy look of marble sculptures. These sculptures are quite popular but are least preferred over wood and metal sculptures in India because of the extra care required by them. Even a small quantity of body oil can be absorbed by the marble and lead to stains in marble. The handling and maintenance of these sculptures are usually not easy. Marble offers a glossy look to a sculptures and gives a look of human skin and that's why it is mostly preferred for sculptures portraying humans and animals. The marble's translucency gives a feel of inner deep to the surface of a marble sculptures. The only disadvantage of using marble as a medium of sculpture is that they are not as much ductile as brass and other metal sculptures and sensitive to environmental changes. Atmospheric changes can lead to the yellowish or brownish staining of marbles. Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana, Andra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh are some of the major marble producing states in India. Indian craftsmen do not only use white marbles for marble sculptures but also use green, yellow, pink, black marbles and red marble. The white marble is though still the most widely used type of marble in sculptures.

Product Highlight:

  • Have great creative value
  • Glossy and translucency of marble surface adds a sense of inner depth.
  • Very eye pleasing
  • Looks great, no matter where you place it.
  • Classy example of stone arts and sculptures.

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