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Paper weights

 Paper weights

Paperweights are one of the designer table decorative items. These are small in size and can be easily hold in a fist. Paperweights are heavy and used to hold down the loosen papers on the tables. Apart from this purpose, paperweights are largely considered as appealing showpieces. Most of these are made up of glasses and look like lens or crystals. These weights are often very eye-catchy because of their designs and smooth and shiny surfaces. The optical properties of a paperweight offers visual depths and make it look more appealing. Paperweights are available in a variety of spaces like dome, square, rectangle, circular, oval, etc. with a base side to rest the paperweight. These paperweights can be simple and formal or designer or casual or antique,depends upon taste and preference of the buyer. These perfect table products can be used as gift items as well. Customized paperweights are also available.

Product highlights:

  • Attractive and enriches the look of a table
  • Optical properties make them more appealing
  • Interesting indoor decorative option
  • Perfect of study, office and center tables
  • Heavy but small in size
  • Variety of design options are available
  • Shiny and smooth surface
  • Available in a range of prices, selection can be made according to one's budget
  • Excellent gifting option

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