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Sand Timers

Sand Timers

Sand timer is a time related instrument which is used to measure a passage of time. This passage can be of a few minutes or for an hour or two. It was an earlier way of measuring a time frame. Even today, sand timers are widely used in several sports events, competitions and other time bounded events. They are very easy to use and understand. If there is a 15 minute sand timer, then the entire sand present in one portion of the timer will get sifted to another portion in 15 minutes if kept vertically. In this way, you can measure the time period of 15 minutes with the use of this timer. Sand timers are produced using various types of material including wood, glass,brass, plastics and transparent fibers. Sand timers also possess decorative quality. These are used as eye pleasing and attractive art works and usually found in schools, libraries, study rooms and even drawing rooms. Sand timer are available various hues, frames and styles. You can buy them to give an antique touch to your interiors.

Product Highlights:

  • Use to measure a passage of time
  • Employed during sports events and competitions
  • Glass, wood, brass and other material based
  • Look unique and interesting
  • Good room decorating and gifting option

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