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Gemstone Boxes

 Gemstone Boxes

Gemstone boxes are used to keep valuable jewelry and gemstones. As jewelry are scratch and damage sensitive, these boxes are of prime importance. Apart from the protection point of view, designer gemstone boxes even look attractive and compliment the beauty of jewelry. Basic or simple gemstone boxes are often designed by the jewelry makers or gemstone suppliers to ensure safe selling and costumer satisfaction. Designer or expensive gemstone boxes are mostly purchased by the people to enhance the outer beauty of the jewelry containers. Gemstone boxes are often purchased to gift a jewelry to some one. Gemstone boxes usually have a velvet, a sponge or soft texture inner surface to ensure safe keeping of jewelry. These boxes can be made up of a variety of materials. The cost of a gemstone box depends upon the material used and the craftsmanship efforts put in to design a particular gemstone box. Some of the most commonly used materials for making gemstone boxes includes plastic, wood, glasses, fiber glasses, etc. Gemstone boxes are available in a variety of shapes like square, cubic, rectangular, heart shaped, round, etc.

Product Highlights:

  • Boxes to keep jewelry and other precious stones
  • Have soft inner surface to ensure scratch free storage
  • Designer gemstone boxes compliments jewelry's beauty
  • Excellent for gifting jewelry
  • Available in plastic, glass, fiber glasses, wood and other materials

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