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Telescopes are the scientific instruments used to study the stars and sky. Telescopes are the combinations optional elements including mirrors and lenses. Telescopes are mostly used by astronauts and researchers to take a closer look of outer atmosphere. It was a great invention and played a major role in gathering scientific information. There are basically two types of telescopes – reflecting and refracting. Refracting are easy to use and quite simple in inner structure whereas reflecting telescopes are little complex. Apart from the research point of view, many people buy telescopes because of their personal interests and desires as well. These telescopes are perfect instruments for those who love to watch stars and other sky elements. People have even started buying telescopes as an element to decorate their study room's window or balcony or terrace. This combination of optical technique can be very simple to very complex. People who buy telescopes out of their personal interest usually buy the one with good looks and less complexity. Telescopes are often purchased along with some accessories like tripods or pedestals. Some people even attach camera with the telescope to capture unique images.


  • Instruments help observing star and sky
  • Used in researches and astronautic studies
  • Easy to use but need maintenance
  • Available in different colors, size and specifications

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