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Theodolite is an optical instrument used to measure both vertical and horizontal angles. These instruments can move rotate both along with their vertical and horizontal axis. The theodolites have telescopes fitted on them. An objective lens that takes light inside the instrument and the other end of the objective lens have an eyepiece to look through to find the target. Theodolites can also be mounted over tripods and are vastly used in meteorology, civil-engineering, navigation, forming panels, measuring angels and forming straight lines. Theodolite is better then other leveling instruments because of its accuracy and electronic readings. Apart from the technical prospective, old theodolites are also being used as antiques and home decorative items. Theodolites made up of brass, wood, iron and other materials can be placed as showpiece in drawing or study rooms. Old theodolite can be use for adding creative and unique elements to your house. If you are planing to add some creative and classy handicrafts or models to your house interior, then an antique theodolite can be a good option.

Product Highlights:

  • An instrument to measure angles
  • Moveable head with static base
  • Made up of brass, iron, wool and other materials
  • Can serve as a classy showpiece or home deco
  • Unique and antique

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