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Smoking Bongs

Smoking Bongs

Smoking bong is a kind of smoking instrument which is being used all across the world. Smoking bongs are being used to smoke tobacco, cannabis and other natural substances. Smoking bong's functioning is quite similar to that of hookahs but are small in size and very portable. These bongs are mostly made up of glass. Smoking bongs are not much expensive. These are available in variety of designs and materials. A Smoking blog can be created by using any air or water tight material. Some of the materials used for making smoking bong includes clay, glass, acrylic and ceramic. Smoking bong have two tubes, one is thick and longer and another one is very thin ans small. The top edge of thinker tube have the mouthpiece which is used for doing the smoking. Colorful and designer smoking bong look very attractive and eye pleasing. Glass and ceramic smoking bongs with various designs and patterns are even used as showpieces. These hand held smoking instruments help in smoking various kinds of drugs. Glass smoking bong require proper handling to avoid breakage. Various easy to grip and hold designs are also available in the market.

Product highlights:

  • Hand-held, very portable
  • Quite affordable
  • Used to smoke tobacco, cannabis and other substances
  • Available in glass, ceramic, acrylic and clay materials

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