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The name Kalamkari is devided from 'Kalam' which means pen and 'kari' means ' craftsmanship'. It is form of cotton textile which is either hand- painted or block printed. It is one of the famous Indian textile designing popular across the World. The designs or patterns of kalamkari are inspired by the Hindu epics like Mahabharata, Ramayana, etc. The art Kalamkari was first developed in Andra Pradesh and the state is still famous for this art. There are basically two style of Kalamkari in India, the first one is Srikalahasti and the second one is Machilipatnam. In the case of Srikalahasti style, a pen is used for doing the free hand painting and for creating designs and patterns. In Machilipatnam, the block printing is being done for creating patterns and designs. Machilipatnam style of Kalamkari are basically used for bed covers, Curtains, and other similar materials. The complete production process of Kalamkari art is quite long and a little laborious. A kalamkari cloth get washed after the application of each and every color. Each cloth gets washed for more than 20 times. The Kalamkari artists often dip the cotton fabrics into milk and resim mixture to being shine to the cloth.

  • All the colors used in the hand-painting and block printing of Kalamkari are extracted from natural elements like bark, plant roots, flowers, etc.
  • No chemicals are being used in the entire designing process. So it is non-toxic
  • Unique and antique designing.
  • All the designing work is done by hands only no machines are being used

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