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Chain mails are a type of armor used to protect a soldier's body for the attacks during a war. A chain mail is a form of protective net made up of metal rings attached with each other. These chain mails defend the attacks of sharp edged weapons. Chain mails are mostly used by the king or other major soldiers of the army because these are quite expensive as compare to other types of body covers. Chain mails are made up of strong metals like iron, copper, brass, etc. Chain mails are very durable but quite heavy to wear and carry. Chain mails can be used to protect the whole body or to protect a particular portion. Chain mail gloves, helmets and footwear were also available and used by the soldiers. Today, chain mails of ancient times are used as antique showpiece. The design and patterns of chain mails are yet very famous. You can get ladies handbags, dresses and several other products inspired by the designs of chain mails.

Product features:

  • Net of metal rings
  • Protect soldier's body for war injuries
  • Made of strong metals
  • Presently used as antiques
  • Used in movies and dramas
  • Designs and patterns of chain mails are very famous

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