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Nautical telegraphs are very famous and are highly in demand. Nautical telegraphs are used as antique show pieces to enrich the interior beauty of a house, office or any other constructions. The replica of this ancient instrument looks very attractive and visually interesting. Nautical telegraphs are made of a variety of materials. Copper and brass are highly preferred because of the shiny and golden surface offered by them. Most of the nautical telegraphs have two handles and a face dial. Handles are usually made up of woods and the face dial indicates the speed. These instruments are the excellent examples of ancient science and inventions. Nautical telegraphs offer a luxury and classy look to a room. These instruments compliment the beauty of your study room, office cabin or drawing room. These are highly portable and easy to transport. Nautical telegraphs usually have long existing life and requires no maintenance. These products serve as amazing show pieces and have great artistic value.

Products Highlights:

  • Eye catching and classy
  • Long lasting
  • Attractive showpiece
  • Look perfect in study rooms or office cabins
  • Copper and brass are the most used materials
  • Antique example of earlier science

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