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Nautical Compass

Nautical Compass

A Nautical compass can enhance the internal beauty of a room. Compasses are the prime instruments used to determine the directions. These compasses are the quite famous and varies from very simple to very classy designs. These directive compasses, grip attentions and looks very absorbing. These are available from a radius size of 1 cm to 7-8cm. Compasses are available in the forms of key-chines, bottle openers, hand-held compasses, chest or pocket compasses, compasses with designer base, frames and designs with additional feature like compass with an oil lamp. These nautical compasses have great decorative values and remain same for years without much maintenance. You can purchase nautical compasses as an interior masterpiece. A compass comprises of a needle, dial and a overall structure to hold them all together. Nautical compasses are usually designed by using brass, wood, glass,copper, and other similar materials. As nautical compasses are decorative items, they should be shiny or carry a classy look. The addition of such items will make your house's interior visage to look awesome.

Product Highlights:

  • Classy and unique interior decorative item
  • Available in varies designs and materials
  • Require less maintenance and long shelve life
  • Perfect for drawing, living and study room

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