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Jamavar Shawls


Jamavar shawls are very expensive and can be afforded by rich and high class people only. The reason for their high prices are the labor, skills and high quality materials employed for making these shawls. The weavers often has to spent about a month for making a single jamavar shawl. Initially, jamavar shawls were only handwoven. At that time, weavers had to spend months for making a jamavar shawls. These shawls are know for their overwhelming looks and colorful patterns. Jamavar shawls are very classy and royal looking wraps. One jamavar shawl use to have many colors(up to 50 color) on it. In India, Jamavar shawls are mostly being produced in Kashmir. The most high quality jamavar are built with pashmina shawls. These shawls are majorly used for bridal outfits or for very special occasions. Jamavar shawls are very sensitive and require special washing care. Dry cleans are highly recommended for jamavar shawls.

Product Highlights:

  • Very unique and have great artistic value
  • Developed by skilled and experienced craftsmen
  • Expensive and very classy
  • Preferred with bridal and special outfits
  • Holds blend of many colors
  • Makes you the center of attraction

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