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Breast Plates

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Breastplates are the defensive material used to cover the chest and upper portion of the soldier's body, during the wars. Breastplates are of prime importance as they protect one of the most vulnerable part of the body. These plates are made of strong metal and prevent the attacks of sharp edged weapons. Breastplates plates were used in almost all the wars of ancient times, still the inventions of modern weapons. Iron, copper, Brass and other durable metals are used for making Breastplates. The color and designs of these plate were different in different armies and was an important part of the war 's uniform. Presently these Breastplates are kept as antique items and found majorly in museums. These give a sense of royal kingdoms and ancient wars and are great samples of earlier craftsmanship. Many people love to keep these Breastplates as antique showpieces but they are exceptionally available.

Product Features:

  • Protects the chest portion of a soldier
  • Prevent war injuries
  • Made of strong and durable metals
  • Variety of colors and designs
  • Rarely available
  • Can be seen in museums only

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