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Water Pipes

Water Pipes

Smoking pipes are pipe like objects use to smoke tobacco and other elements. These are very famous smoking device and often seen as a symbol of royalty. Smoking pipes are the pipes with a bowl, filter and mouthpiece. Smoking pipes are available in different designs and materials and are being widely used. There are various types of smoking pipes including Briar, Meerscham,clay, calabash, corncob,and synthetic. Briar is a best known wood to make smoking pipes because of its natural resistance to fire and ability to absorb moisture. Meerscham is a mineral used in smoking pipe making because of its natural white color, light weight and color changing ability. Clay is the most oldest material used for making smoking pipes. Calabash smoking pipes are the most expensive type of smoking pipes and famous for their unique shapes. On the other hand, corncob smoking pipes are quite cheap and easily affordable even when these types of smoking pipes are more difficult and time consuming to produce. Synthetic smoking pipes are made up of materials like nylon,pyrolytic graphite, Bakelite, etc. These pipes are available in a number of hues and designs to chose from.

Product Highlights:

  • Looks royal and classy
  • have long functional life
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Available in various price ranges
  • Countless options of colors, materials and designs

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