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Quilts are one of the important bed accessories and are being used from centuries. These quilts keep people warmth at bed during winters. Historically, quilts were filled with wool or cotton as the batting material but in current scenario, polyester batting is being done. Another older practice is of using old rags and clothes as the filler of the quilts. Many designer and handmade quilts options are also available. Use of bright colors and attractive stitching patterns convert your bed into an interesting one and reflects your style. Variety of Indian handmade quilts can be purchased for creative unique effects. The price of a quilt depends on the type of the material used for making the quilts and the amount of labour involved. Silk is supposed to be one of the most expensive material use for making quilts. Embroidery and various other art works are employed to produce variety of handmade quilts.

Produce highlights:

  • Provides warmth during winters
  • Increases cosiness and comfort provided by the bed
  • Appealing and attractive designs are available
  • Indian handcrafted quilts are very eye pleasing
  • Not much expensive
  • Influences the look of the bed

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