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Acrylic Bongs

Acrylic Bongs

While choosing between the Acrylic Bongs and glass bongs for a long term investment, one would surely opt for Acrylic Bongs. Bongs are used from hundreds of years for use with tobacco, molasses or other herbal smoking mixtures to feel the ultimate pleasure of smoking. These bongs are widely appreciated among the smokers due to their variety of colors and non-breakable nature. Acrylic bongs are always artists among the bongs of other kinds of materials. These Acrylic Bongs are available in almost all possible designs, color variations and volumes. The Acrylic Bongs are considered as ideal for beginners who are not regular at water pipe smoking as these are affordable, sturdy and practically indestructible. The Acrylic Bongs come with a tough and easy-to-clean bowl that is provided with an acrylic base and tough plastic tube. With the perfect combination of all these components, the smoking always went really crazy. While selecting a perfect bong, the buyer should look for the height of the bong, tube diameter, radius of cylinder and the shape of the pipe. The bubbling effect of the base liquids also creates an exquisite aura that is sure to bring fun in smoking. While having a harder party one would never take the risk of having a glass bong, thus these Acrylic Bongs are again suitable for handling a rough party so that these can get passed around without any anxiety. The Acrylic Bongs offers clear design and cool handgrip designs that make these bongs easy to hold in case of hangover.


  • Fun to build a bong out of natural tobacco
  • Easy to use and long-lasting
  • Can be stored anywhere without fear of breakage
  • Removable base and down tube for easy cleaning

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