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Armor Shields

Armor Shields

Shields are the defensive part of the war armors. Before the invention of guns and other similar weapons, most of the weapons were hand held and required hand's effort to kill the enemy. Knives, arrows and bows, swords etc, were the main weapons. At that time, armor shields were used by the soldiers to protect themselves from the attacks done by their enemies. These shields were mostly made up of strong metals with a back handle to hold it during the war. Even the wooden shields have metallic cover over it to increase its strength. These shields were an important part of war armors.

Currently, these shields have no military or war value. Armor shields are largely used as antiques and used for decorating room. These are either kept as showpieces or used as wall hangings. Armor shield gives a feel of royal living. These shield look very appealing and classy. Armor shields are also being used in stage shows, movies, dramas and other places when the recreation of ancient time is been done. Shields are very durable and have a long existing life. Armor shields have great historic values.

Product Highlights:

  • Adds a royal theme to a room
  • Can be used as showpiece or wall hanging
  • Have great artistic and historic value
  • Highly durable
  • long exiting life
  • Used in recreations of ancient times and happenings

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