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Garden Fountains

Garden Fountains

Garden fountains are a type of outdoor fountains designed particularly for garden areas. These fountains are often white in color to offer better contrast with the greenly. The size of the fountain depends upon the size of the garden. Garden fountains can be cinematic or made up of stones, cement, marbles, brass, copper or fiberglass. The design of the fountain dependence upon the type of garden or the preference of the buyer. Garden fountains compliment the natural beauty of a garden by adding a lively element in it. Garden fountains are quite durable in nature and remain same for a longer time even without much maintenance. These fountains can make your garden more appealing and contented. Garden fountains are also available with different kinds of lighting systems, which can be used to enhance the beauty of a garden foundation during the dark hours of the day. Real looking stone or rock designs of garden fountains are very common. Religious and spirituals designs of garden fountains like that of Buddha are also widely purchased and highly in demand in India.

Product Highlights:

  • Highly durable and long life span
  • Available in different size, shape, designs and materials.
  • Makes a garden visually more appealing
  • LED lighting systems makes it look beauty in night
  • Covers the blank area of garden
  • Require very less maintenance

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