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Brass vases

Brass Vases

Providing you with an excellent decorative environment with the broad collection of the brass vases that are very good vintage collection. To provide the interiors with the live and pleasant environment, the traditional as well as trendy carvings are carved on our exclusive collection of the vases. These vases provide a heart touching mean to present close ones as the memorable gift option. With a magnificent design carved on them, these vases impose with their sublime rendition and divine perfection to anybody's eyes. Expressive appearance with the elegant designs adds beauty to your interior decor as a sign of decoration and prosperity. We provide you with a broad variety of carvings on a number of shapes and capacities as per the long series of options for every age group people. These vases are engraved with the actual representation of different cultures, historical events, relationship symbols, divine emblems and many more by the live carvings on the smooth surface. With the strong outer surface and long lasting shine, these vases are widely accepted by the people who have deep knowledge and interest in art and craftsmanship. Crafted by the seasoned artists, these vases are coated with high quality varnish to protect them from corrosion and stain. Moreover, vases are true decorative piece, which are highly admired by the customers owing to their light weight, traditional design, captivating pattern and long lasting shine.


  • Provides ambiance to the desk and interior both
  • Available in variety of sizes, patterns and designs
  • Appropriate for both indoor and outdoor decoration
  • Excellent strength and impeccable finish
  • Outstanding elegance and creativity

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